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IKEA in Mumbai: Things you need to know before you visit the Store.

Finally, I got the opportunity to visit the much-hyped brand IKEA in Navi Mumbai Location. For those who don't know, IKEA is 70 years old furnishing brand, is now in India. It has first opened its store in Hyderabad. Now recently, they opened their second store in Mumbai.
Here I will be sharing my experiences right from the parking to check out.
Before anything else, you need to book a slot to visit the place from their website. If you see this place on weekdays, you will quickly get the slot, but getting slots for the weekends is a task. You need to keep an eye on bookings. As you enter the store, your temperature will be checked and let you in. They maintained a well social distancing while you were entering the elevator, even in the elevator too. After you step out of your lift, you have to show your QR code (which you will get once you book your slot) on your mobile screen. After this, there is a separate queue for ladies and gents, like airport security, where your bags and handbags get scanned, including you. And, and, finally, you are allowed inside the store.
You will quite get excited to see the enormous space and all kinds of ready-to-assemble modern furniture, kitchen appliance, home accessories, in which few are pretty affordable.
It will take roughly around 3 hrs to browse through all the sections, and finally, you enter the self-service warehouse. After this is the billing counter, the billing went smooth, and there are many counters, so the wait time is less.
Oh, it did not end here. After you are done with your billing, you come out; then, there is a section where you can pack/wrap your items with waste papers that you think are delicate to handle. This is also a self-service counter.
If you get tired of all this, then there is a refreshment area where you can grab a coffee with some quick bites for yourself.
But one thing, It wasn't very pleasing that the social distancing was not adequately maintained or controlled when we exited the store. It was a kind of mess near the exit elevator.
Overall, it was a nice experience, and we did pick up few things for our home.
Have you ever visited Ikea? How was your experience? I love to hear it. Do Comment.

IKEA in Mumbai: Things you need to know before you visit the Store.
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