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I met Nemo; the clownfish in Bali. I went to his home.

Suddenly, someone from back caught hold of my shoulder and dragged me down, down and down towards the darkness. I stayed dithered and was struggling to go up with a heavy astronaut type helmet on my head and air pressure that built up in my ear. In the meanwhile, some cuties brushed my arms and raced in front of me." Oh! It was so colorful that I could not resist looking back, not once, but many times. I contemplate what I wanted to see for long. It was my first synergy with the underwater world. Slowly, I made myself calm and tried to grasp the algae shaded surroundings. This world is not for us; here we are the guest, and we need to follow the rules. For a long time, it was on my 'bucket list' to marvel the marine world in their natural habitat, but Alas! I am a no swimmer. I got the shot when I was vacationing at Bali with my husband, I discovered about Underwater walk, and you don't need to be a swimmer to try that activity. We pre-booked our experience. After we changed into swimwear, we went to the sea walker spot on a boat approximately 3 minutes from the beach. They provided us with all the gears needed underwater. The divers also taught us a few signs which we may require to communicate down. Till this moment, I was all excited and a little nervous. They asked us to climb down the ladder to the base of the sea. I slowly climbed down the ladder; in the end, I was unsure where to put my foot and was left hanging in the last step of the ladder. Then, our assistant, who was with us, caught hold my shoulder and helped me to reach the bed of the ocean. Coming back to the time, I gained courage and slowly reached to the bottom of the ocean, holding bars connected with rings. I saw my husband waiting for me in the sea bed. I felt an immense sense of confidence and acknowledged the fact that it is good to have some known person in the unknown world. Finally, we released the rod and reached the spot where the school of fish was circling us. All the mermaid stories from childhood came flashing back on my mind, with fear if some nasty fish progress towards us. Maybe a Shark!
Then, the diver cum helper cum the guide handed us with fish food to tempt the fish towards us so that we can get a close glimpse of them. 'I met Nemo and Marlyn. I also met Dory. It was lovely meeting them'. Despite heavyweights on our waists, It was challenging to keep an equilibrium and patrol on the sea beds at the same time. But, thanks to my husband, he was helping me to maintain balance on the ocean bed by holding my hand. The helmet was a real savior that acts as the air pump, with a long tube that reaches the surface and continuously refuels with air. So, without worrying about breathing, you can concentrate on the surroundings. It was an extraordinary experience, where you can see the colorful tropical fishes and varieties of multicolored corals. I was awestruck and wanted to remember, relish every moment, there. The tranquility here is beyond imagination. It was like a meditation for me, where I can focus and eliminate my stressful jumbled thoughts. Everything around me was so serene, peaceful, and beautiful. There was No crowd, No stress, No fear, only me. When this 30 min activity came to an end, and I reached to surface, climbing the ladder, I found a new me. We went inside the boat to return to the mainland. We removed our gears and enjoyed the way back to the beach. My First Experience with the marine world changed my view, and I am no more a fearful person. Forthwith, I wish to experience more underwater sports and make them "Next trip, go beyond your boundaries and find yourself as a new person." Location: Tanjung Benoa Beach, Bali Cost: Rs 4000/- to Rs 5000/- Check out my other articles from Bali
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I met Nemo; the clownfish in Bali. I went to his home.
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