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Lavasa: A Beautiful Lost City of Maharashtra

Lavasa: A beautiful City

An eerie silence is what you feel when you walk along the sides of the water body. The cool breeze that touches your face leaves you quivering. It is not a horror story or a movie. It is a place, a man-made city, a hill station which is presently nothing more than a mirage.

Few working hotels and eateries, No shops, No people around, only silence are what the city is about.

There could be many reasons, probably the controversies related to its construction, not sufficient water supply, or perhaps it's entry fees, which is too high. These are my speculations; whatever the reasons may be, Lavasa, which was an attempt of "Portofino," a fishing village in Italy, is in a deplorable state.

It is bothersome to see incomplete infrastructure or under-construction buildings blocking the beautiful views. In the midst of all these, I would still say that the city manages to hold it's serenity.

A sense of tranquility will surround you as soon as you stepped into the city. The city has a lake named "Dasve," and at the backdrop lies the Western Ghats, which is a view to adore. The location is ideal for couples and families who want to enjoy each other's company and want a break from the daily hustle and bustle of city life.

Despite being a ghost town, this city still manages to offer something to everyone, be you are a nature lover, activity buff, or exclusively shutterbug lovers.

Here are six things which you can do when you are in Lavasa.

1. Walk at the lakeside promenade and enjoy the cool breeze.

2. Take part in the various water activities on the lake.

3. Do Tandem Cycling.

4. Be a photographer and click to your heart content. Trust me; all your pics will be awesome.

5. Eat at the joints adjoining to lakeside promenade and enjoy the views.

6. Visit the nearby Tempghar Dam.

You will relish and cherish these small memories which you will create here.

If you have not visited Lavasa yet, then why not give it a try?

Visit soon till it gets completely lost from the map and let me know about your views in the comment section.

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