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A Fantastic Trip to Jodhpur: 10 Incredible Places in 12 Hours, With Minimal Spending? Here How.

The second-largest city in Rajasthan - Jodhpur is India's own blue city. At the base of the magnificent Meherangarh fort lies the old 16th-century town with blue colored brahmin quarters, that stretches an about 10Km along the city walls.

//I got the opportunity to explore the city just before the COVID-19 lockdown initiated. I spent a full 2 days in the city, including the flight from Mumbai to Jodhpur.//

This is the ultimate itinerary, which you need if you are in Jodhpur and running short of time and also, hesitant to spend much. This guide is then perfect for you and is prepared from my personal experience, so everything is more practical than just theory or mere list.

Table of Content

Day 1:

Ummaid Bhawan Palace

Clock Tower

Sadar Market

Day 2:

Mandore gardens

Kaylana Lake

Machiya Safari Park

Jaswant Thada

Meherangarh Fort

Recommend Places

Toorji Ki Jhalra

This guide is for all types of travelers; group, couple, family with kids, and a solo traveler.

Tip: If you can, try to get a flight that arrives early on 'Day 1', or sometime the evening before, to make the most of your trip.

Day 1

Ummaid Bhawan Palace:

Umaid Bhawan Palace is home to Jodhpur's royal family, and one portion is turned into one of the most impressive hotels by Taj Group.

The visitors can access another portion of the palace, which houses their memories and a beautiful instagramable worthy courtyard. You need to purchase a ticket to enter the Museum.

The main reason to build this royal residence by Maharaja Umaid Singh was to provide a livelihood to the farmers who were suffering from famine struck Jodhpur in the 1920s. It worth a visit and let your kid be a kid in the courtyard.

Also, the palace has a good collection of vintage cars in the garden area. Take a look.

Entry Fees: Rs 30/- for adult and Rs 10/- for a child aged 5-11 yrs

Duration: 1 - 2 hr

Kids essential: Hat, Stroller, Sipper, Sunscreen, something to snack.

Clock Tower

Next, we hired an auto and reached Ghanta Ghar or clock tower near Sojti Gate. Unfortunately, the clock tower was under construction. But had a glimpse and there is no entry fee as such.

Entry Fee: Free

Time : 30 - 45 mins

Sadar Market - Jodhpur Market

Near the clock tower is the Jodhpur market, from where you can pick up a few items such as Jodhpuri Maujri, Jootis, which will cost you around Rs 250/- to 500/-.

You can also buy Patchwork bags, which will cost you around from Rs 50/- to 500/- depending on the work. Other than this, you can also pick Sarees, leheriya, or bandhani dupattas.

Taste the famous Mava kachori and Onion Kachori from the market (Janta Sweet Home). One plate will cost you around Rs 40/-.

You can cover more places, as it was our first day, I kept it light.


Toorji Ki Jhalra

Rajasthan has large numbers of Bavdi or Stepwells. Jodhpur itself has more than 100 stepwells. Among them is Toorji Ka jhalra, which depicts a marvelous ancient architecture.The stepwell was built in the year 1740 by queen of Maharaja Abhay Singh.

The place is worth a visit and get amazed by its fabouloyus architecture.

Entry Fee: Free

Time : 15 - 30 mins

Day 2:

Mandore Gardens

Mandore was the old capital of Pratiharas that later moved to Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, and is 9 km north of Jodhpur's central city. The place constitutes an old Mandore fort, temples, cenotaph, and Museum showcasing rich heritage. The spot is excellent for an evening walk, and also your little one can roam around in the umbrella stroller. If not in the evening, try to visit the place in the morning and avoid the afternoon heat as it will be uncomfortable.

Entry Fees: Rs 100/- for adults.

Duration: 1 - 2 hrs.

Kids Essentials: Stroller, hat, water, munching snacks.

Kaylana Lake

Next, we reached Kaylana Lake, an artificial 145 years old lake that supplies water to Jodhpur. There are boat rides available to enjoy nature.

Boat ride: Rs 50/-.

Duration: 30min - 1 hr

Kids Essential: Sun hat, water to keep your little one hydrated, and something to munch.

Machia Safari Park

Near to Kaylana Lake is Machiya Safari park, for your little one to enjoy. It is a biodiversity park and home to several animals. Also, it has a point to watch birds. You can also opt for a battery-operated cab to tour the place. It will cost you around Rs 210/-.

Entry Fee: Rs 30/-

Duration: 2 hrs

Essentials: Sun hat, water to keep your little one hydrated, and something to snack.

Jaswant Thada

Next, we move ahead to visit Jaswant Thada, the Taj Mahal of Jodhpur. A magnificent structure made of white marble is a cenotaph to the kings. It is a gorgeously carved structure on marble sheets to emit a glow when sun rays fall on the structure.

Then, there is a garden where you can take rest or stroll around.

Entry Fees: Rs 15/- for all.

Duration: 1 - 2 hr

Kids Essentials: Do not carry stroller, Keep Sun hat, water to keep your little one hydrated, and something to munch on.

Mehrangarh Fort and Museum

Finally, we reached Mehrangarh Fort to conclude our two days trip to Jodhpur.

The fort, which keeps its head high and visible from every corner of the city. The palace where you can re-live the stories of victory, royalty, faith, power, grandeur, joy, and courage. You can admire the unique culture and, at the same time, get amazed by the craftsmanship exhibited by the people of the 14th century. Indeed as the name refers, a Sun-fort.

Few Points to keep in mind when you are traveling with your Toddler

Do not carry your stroller and buy tickets for the elevator, as it will help you to reach the top directly. You can descend the fort and see points at your convenience. We made a mistake and didn't take the elevator tickets. The way up to the fort is very steep and challenging when you are carrying your tiny tot.

Entry Fees: Rs 100/-

Duration: 2-3 hrs

Kids Essential: Do not carry stroller, carry Sun hat, water to keep your little one hydrated, and something to munch.

Best time to Visit Jodhpur: December - Mid of February.

How to reach Jodhpur?

  • Jodhpur is well connected with all the major cities in Rajasthan and India.

  • It had its own Airport, and is connected with important cities in India. One thing to keep in mind, flight frequency is low.

  • You can reach Jodhpur by rail. Trains run all year and has better frequency than flights.

  • Jodhpur is also well connected and constructed by roads. Be rest assured if you want to travel by roads.

Do comment, and I am ready to answer your query when traveling with your tiny tot. I hope to share more stories with you guys!

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