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Incredible Desert Experience: Camping and Safari in Sam Sand Dunes, #Jaisalmer

"A barren piece of land, where conditions are adverse for living beings, plants and animals".

Well, well I am talking about a Desert, #Thar Desert.

And, people travel from far away land to cherish this piece of beauty offered by nature. You can admire a classical sunset or sunrise from the desert. The ripples formed by the sands to form huge dunes are a unique site to look for. And also the journey to reach these points on camels will allow you to go back to the bygone era where camels were the only mode to travel.

One such piece of beauty is #SamSandDunes, one of the most significant dunes in the whole of India. These dunes are located at a distance of 40 km from the city of Jaisalmer.

Admire where Desert is meeting with the Sky

can spend hours just admiring the breathtaking views of the dunes in the evening and can feel the calm aura in nature. The only tune you can hear is the sound of wind mixed with, Rajasthani folk songs sung by the Kalbilia tribe on the dunes. Slowly immerse yourself into the glamour and calmness of the place and let your soul do the talking.

Tribal people performing Rajasthani folk songs.

After spending the evening on the desert while watching the sunset over the horizon and sipping over a cup of tea and listening to the Rajasthani folk songs, you can travel back to your campsites riding on a Camel.

Most of the camps in the evening arrange for beautiful Rajasthani cultural shows and a gala dinner. They welcome you with a traditional tilak ritual and by playing dhol. You get a zest of Rajasthan through these cultural programs. Also, the dinner served is flavorful. Do taste Rajasthani delicacies like kersangri, lal mansh, dal bati churma, and many more.

After the programs get over, you can lit campfire under the stars ( with prior arrangements and permission from camping fellows), or else take rest in your swiss tents.

Cultural shows give a real insight to Rajasthan

Next morning, you can opt to visit the dunes to view another radiant sunrise of your lifetime.

After that, have sumptuous breakfast arrange by the camps and you can head towards your next destination.

You can opt to stay more than 1 day in the camps, but 1 day is enough if your travel plans are tightly scheduled.

Things to do on Sam Sand Dunes:

Most people do camping on Sam. They book beforehand from various websites offering camping and safari experiences.

1. Stay in the pretty Swiss tents with minimal yet enough essentials.

One of the swiss styled tent

2. Do a camel safari on the dunes.

Camel Safari

3. Watch the exquisite sunset or sunrise. Let the budding photographer come out.

Sunset on Dunes

4. Go for dune bashing on the jeep for that adrenalin rush.

Credit: LBB

5. Do activities such as parasailing, ATV bikes ride on the sand.


6. Hire a jeep and visit the nearby abandoned and cursed village of Kuldhara. The village is about 37 km from dunes. Learn how in the one-night whole village got desolated.

Credit: Booksfact

How to reach Sam Sand Dunes: You can hire a cab from Jaisalmer city to Sam Sand Dunes for about Rs 500 - 2000/- depending on your bargaining skills. The campsites are in the midst of the desert so you need a good jeep or car to reach there.

Time to Visit: Camping is only possible in the winter ( October - March). In summers the temperature rose to about 50-degree celsius.

Cost: Rs 7000/ approx- including a stay and activities.

Location courtesy and My Stay: Desert Spring Resort

//The post is non sponsored.

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