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A day spent with vivid hypnotic birds never goes wrong | Essel World Bird Park | Mumbai

When is the last time you saw a bird with colorful plumules fly by your balcony?

When is the last time you saw a bird with colorful plumules fly by your balcony? When is the last time you heard a strange chirping from your feathered friend? Probably not here, not in the city. For this, you need to visit a national park or a bird sanctuary.

Essel World Bird park in Mumbai gifts us with an immersive Bird park, first of a kind in the whole of India. The park is home to 60 species and over 500 exotic birds. This rain forest themed park is spread over 1.4 acres with rich flora and fauna.

Indeed, the park is a treat to all those ornithophiles out there and also who will visit these aviaries will get back home with newly discovered pieces of information.

What to expect?

As soon as you enter the park, you will be fascinated by its design. It will not at all resembles a zoo. The park has four decks Rainforest theme Deck, Rock Deck Area, feeding Deck, and a Rainbow walk.

Rainbow walk

You will be welcomed by rarest species of Cape Barren Goose from Australia. Their plumes are grey and black spots and with a massive body than their heads. It was enthralling to watch them moving freely and walking beside us. We are currently into Rainbow walk surrounded by various colorful birds such as Blue Gold Macaw, African Grey Parrot, Rainbow Laurakeet, Cockatiel, Toucan.

Feeding Deck

Rainbow walk surrounds the Feeding Deck, where you can feed the birds with bird feeders provided by the authorities. You need to pay Rs 200/- per head for the feeding activity. Also, you can get photographed by the park keeper. Each copy of the photo cost you for Rs 100/-. But it is not mandatory, if you don't like the pics, don't take it. But the feeding activity is very thrilling.

Rock Deck Area

Straight walking through the Rainbow walk, we make our way to the Rock deck area, where you can take selfies surrounded with birds. There are some sitting areas and interactive kiosks in this area.

Rainforest Theme Park

From the Rock deck area, you can make your way to the rainforest theme park, where you will find extraordinary and rare flora and fauna. Here you will get to see some rare species of plants and types of cactus, which create a natural habitat for the birds and Ostrich, which you will find in this area. All of these are quite a rare sight for city dwellers.

Then there is a duck point right to the entry gate; here, you will get amused to see the Black swan from Africa. Also, you will find a few varieties of fishes in this pond.

Woodpecker Stadium

Finally, there is a vast Woodpecker Stadium opposite to Rock dock area. Here, you will get the opportunity to see Macau and get photographed with Macau. Also, you will get to see them in action. You will leave the stadium with full of information on birds. The show usually takes place at 1 and 3 pm every day.

Finally, at the exit point, there is a shop where you can purchase souvenirs. Also, the shop looks like a hut. Everything in the park is so time-honored, imitating the natural habitat like jungles.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day watching and photographing those exotic birds. Also, the design of the park is super appealing, especially the walkways.

I am sure all the bird lovers and wildlife photographer will enjoy in this park, and a must-visit all the people who love and care for nature.

How to reach Essel World Bird Park

By Car

Take the Western Express Highway to drive to Essel World by car. On the Highway, drive down through the Mira-Bhayander Road.

By Bus

Take Bus number 272 in Malad, or bus number 294 from Borivali and straightaway head to the Essel World Location.

By Train

The nearest railway station to Essel World is the Borivali or the Malad station. Once you reach the railway station, then book your self a 'Kaali Peeli' cab, which will further take you the Essel World.

By Ferry

Ferries from Marve charges are INR 50 per person and it runs every 30 minutes between 3 pm to 6 pm.


Rs 390/- for Adults

Rs 190/ - for Senior Citizens.

Rs 190/- for Children (height 3.3 feet to 4.6 feet)


10:00 Am to 5:00 Pm

Things to keep in mind:

No outside food and water bottles allowed in the park.

Valid Id Proof is required for Senior Citizens.

They provide you a wrist band, with which you can enter and exit from the park, as many times as you wish.

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