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My soul strives to wander around the world.

I am sure, so does yours.

Hi, I am Sudeepa | Little Traveling Soul | from  India



I am a travel addict, landscape lover,  dreamer, and a storyteller. I love to convert my travel journeys to stories. I also love to read while I am traveling.

There are certain limitations, responsibilities, and budget, which stops us to roam around the world. But we will not stop; if not all, we will visit and experience the beauty, earth has to offer us.

I set up this blog to share my tips and experiences for traveling and to inspire and help you to travel more too. 

This blog is to share my ideas and views on places that you can visit, experiences you can do, and food you should try at least once in your lifetime.


Mostly, I travel with my husband and my tiny toddler. So it will be easy for me to share tips and hacks when traveling with your kiddo—the places which are kid-friendly and equally beautiful.


I love to prepare itineraries, which I will post from time to time for you to get an idea when traveling within a fixed time or budget or both.


Contact Me:

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